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Concepts of Company
Message from President
°»Matsumoto Medical contributes to improvements of QOL of patients.°…
We would treat the best products which we recommend for patients. The products should come from not only Japan, also countries all over the world. Matsumoto promises that all people who are concerned in medical may have benefits and profits with us.
Also, Matsumoto Medical will export Japanese made medical equipments to foreign countries in the future. We are feeling they are very competitive and have high quality recently in the market. Japanese medical equipments should be accepted like Japanese automobile or electric devices by medical staff and patients in other countries. Of course, Matsumoto would import competitive and epoch-making medical devices from the world as the old Matsumoto Medical Instruments Inc..

We would take care of medical device businesses as °»Front of the World°… Matsumoto. We will contribute to both the medical and the community in the world.

Matsumoto Medical Inc would advance with the glory which every sempai has built since 1913.