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Welcome to Home Page of Matsumoto Medical Inc.
I, Takeshi Matsumoto who is a president of Matsumoto Medical Inc. have started the New Matsumoto Medical Inc. on March 24th in 2009. I have had 20 years experiences in the medical devices markets.
In 1999, the Old Matsumoto Medical had gone out of the medical devices markets by the consolidation with Stryker. Even 10 years have passed, many doctors, nurses and local dealers still remember and have a lot of good memories actually. Mr. Jiro Nishino who was my father and the former CEO agreed to start again the Matsumoto Medical Inc. with the same company name (at the time). New Matsumoto Medical also would go forward to the same way with the same concepts, °»Contribution to Medical Care°…, °»Ministration to Community°… and °»Front of the World°…. One new point, the new Matsumoto Medical will export Japanese made competitive devices to the world. We will focus on not only Japanese market, also global markets. New Matsumoto Medical would improve the QOL of all patients in the world.

Takeshi Matsumoto