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CEMOVER Bone Cement Remover

  • Single use and sterile
    Easy to remove bone cement after cemented stem removal
    120mm, 150mm, 180mm length for canal depth
    Easier to remove bone cement with different knot spaces
    Time and labor reduction during operation


Netherland Spierings Noviomagus Series

  • Noviomagus Femoral Head Reamer
    This reamer system is very easy to remove cartilage from femoral heads for bone grafting. It has basically the size range from 42mm diameter to 50mm diameter with increments of 2mm. It reduces labor and operation time.

    Noviomagus Bone Mill
    The bone mill can have several sized bone chips by changing a milling drum. This provides the surgeons with bone grafting of the right sized bone chips in the right places. It also is compact and easy to build in the operation.

Summit Medical Ltd. UK HiVac Bone Cement Mixing and delivery System
  • *Minimum bubble (Strong Cement) See-through Reduction of MMA fumes

    HiVac MultiMix Bone Cement Mixing System For Cemented femoral head replacements and Cemented THA etc.
    HiVac MiniMix Bone Cement Mixing System
    For Cemented small joints replacements etc.
    For Percutaneous Vertebroplasty

    Foot Pump

    Cement Delivery Gun

HiVac ƒ~ƒbƒNƒXŽΚ^‚R‚P

HiVac ƒ~ƒbƒNƒXŽΚ^‚R‚Q

Summit Medical Ltd(UK) HiVac Cement Mixing Bowl
  • *High vacuum and unique mixing mechanism produce high quality bone cement.
    Users can check mixing condition through clear bowl.
    Charcoal filter reduces MMA fumes in the theater.
    Latex free

HiVacBowlSingleLidon ŽΚ^‚Q